Need to get information from drive to new laptop

Purchased My book essential about a year ago to use to back up media files(pictures, songs ,video etc). Now I have a new laptop and need to be able to get the media onto my new laptop. Every time that I copy it over it is in a non playable format on my new laptop. If I use my old laptop they play just fine. There has got to be a solution. Old laptop is drive G and new is Drive F.

Hi there!!

I am confused, do you mean that there are media files (Like videos) that play on one computer from the drive but not in the other? if so, the new computer has the codecs needed to play the files?

All the current codex are installed on the new laptop. When I view the external drive with the new laptop and try to copy over music files they show up as FLAC file on the new computer and are not playable. When the same file is viewed on the old laptop through the external drive they show up as mp3.

That’s weird o.o

What if you copy just a single file manually to the drive from the old computer and double checking the file extension?

Have you copied your media files to old laptop using Smartware? If that is the case, you need to use old laptop to retrieve those files and move them to your new laptop. Some Smartware versions convert file format on backup process to keep them compressed.