Need to format WD 6TB drive

My drive came formatted as exFAT and booting from the rescue disk to recover disks or files will not work. Acronis True Image Home (TIH) 2017 sees the drive as simple “Local Drive” with no files on it. It needs to be formatted as NTFS with GPT so it will work with TIH. Before I do this, I would like to know what, if any, software that comes on the drive (My Book 6TB) is required for operation and if it can be downloaded from WD? A complete list would be very nice. Thanks.

Since it didn’t appear that I was going to get any help here, I just reformatted the drive as NTFS. I’m backing up a drive now, and so far it doesn’t appear that any of the files that WD includes on the My Book are necessary for anything…IF you are using another company’s back up program. Further if needed.

None of the software that comes with the drive are necessary for the unit to work.

Please note that you can download all the software from the WD Support site.