Need to figure out the ftp path

Got this for dlna streaming (works out of the box) and as a general storage area. Want to add motion activated images from a security camera. Camera is a dlink DCS930L. Setup requires the following:

Host Name: (this should be the ip address of the My Cloud which for me is static)

Port: (21 is default)

Name: I do not recall setting one up


Path: This is where I get stumped.

I have 2 Share folders set up one under my name James and one for my wife in addition to the preinstalled ones. I would like to be able to dump these jpgs into a folder something like james/frontcamera, the slash may be correct or not, I think the os code for the camera is unix.

I just need to get the correct path setup. Hopefully that is the only roadblock in this.

Yup I already flipped the ftp switch under settings.


Either use forward slash /  or back slash \ depending on the program and it should default to root folder.  Name and password would be the user account that you set up in Users in the Dashboard (Admin and no password for default)

ok so try it with both / and , even dlink forums said dlink cameras are interchangable on that.

I think the blank password was my issue so I will do

Host Name:

Port: 21

Name: admin

Password: (blank)

Path: /

variable on that path would be // in front or replace all of the / with . Will try tonight, thanks!

no path would be:  /james/frontcamera/

you dont need the IP of the device since you’re already connecting to it.  When you connect to it, if you put the path to just: / then it will give you all available shares, if you specify: /james/frontcamera/  then it will open to that folder.

Thanks, the path ended up being:


I also needed a password added, would not work with blank