Need to clone WD800JB, but too many bad sectors

Yes, it’s an old drive. It will still boot Win XP fine, but fails DLG Quick Test  and extended test. Acronis hangs at 2/3 complete on the clone process, and Extended DLG test fails at the same sector every time. Trying to clone this (my C drive) to a new one before it fails completely. Tried searching the forums, but nothing specific to this problem. How can I mark the sector bad to get the cloning process to complete?



I’d recommend using ddrescue (found on most linux live rescue distros - I prefer SystemRescueCD).

Managed to recover everything it could off a failing WD3201ABYS drive (about 40% of the sectors not readable), where every other drive cloning tool failed me. Just prepare yourself with a lot of patience (took me about two contiguous weeks)