Need to clone hd that went RAW

I’m pretty well fed up with all kinds of time researching and finding programs that some say are bad or that want to recover my data and charge me a bunch when all I need is to get this disk back to ntfs format. This hd started going bad and I wanted to use the WD tool to clone it to my new hd, but the tool thinks it is empty as it is now reading as RAW. Is there any tool that will just clone this hd or get my format back to something readable? Every tool seems to have a hitch, one said the sector blocks are different size although I changed that to match. Thanks for any help.

You need to find a tool that can fix your hard drive partition table to get the drive back. Even you go with the clone. The new clone drive will still exist as raw because there is no partition table on the new drive.

Well no kidding. I think that I pretty much asked for a way to do this not to be told I need to find a way to do this. Does anyone know of a program that will get me to where acronis or some other program can read it?