Need to Backup Data from removed hard drive

I’ve got a Mybook Live 2T I need to pull data off because the newtworking has crapped out but the hard drive is still good.

Is there a way to mount in in Ubuntu and pull the files off of it?

I’ve removed the hard drive and have it plugged into my Ubuntu Box but it won’t let me mount it because it is a GPT drive apparently.

Looking at the drive I see four partitions.

Partition 1 = Unknown 500MB /dev/sdb3

Partition 2 = Raid Component /dev/sdb1

Partition 3 = Raid Component /dev/sdb2

Partition 4 = File system /dev/sdb4 Type Ext4 (version 1.0)

Hi there, the MBL uses the EXT3 file system just as the MBW and the SS, so, since it work with the SS, then try the Fedore Core 14 Live CD and see if it helps!


I am in the same boat. I tried to mount it in Ubuntu and its not working.

One thing though; when I use the ‘Disk Utility’ tool in Ubuntu, it says the partition is ‘EXT4’.

Were you able to get a resolution on this?


…I have seen alot of threads with instructions and material on ext2 and some on ext3 but nothing on ext4.

I am getting very frustrated with this; I have about 700 GBs of data that I need to retrieve. And after spending an entire week I am still at square one.