Need to access MBL from Win 7 pro Repair Disk to get Disk Image location, user, and password

I’m in Windows repair disk

and it wants the image location and I type


than a window pops up and says, Name and Password

I try all different names Bruce, and Bruce-Vaio and I try a thing that says remember me and it puts a mix of letters and numbers with a - and then the name I type in. All to no success.

I go to networking in Win 7 Pro and set a password and try to use that as a password to no success.

Any help would be appreciated.


Honestly don’t know why that problem could happen, but if you are having problem restoring the image from the MBL, try to copy the it to an external USB HDD and try again.

AFAIK the Windows repair disk does not work in NAS environments

what happens with your drive that you want to do this?

I was in VMware player trying to install FreeDOS to recover Genealogy from a lady that passed away 5 years ago. The install when I pressed F3 didn’t exit but started a slow format. I felt uncomfortable about the stability and tried to do a previous backup that went bad and said bad media. Then I went to my 2bd older Windows 7 Pro backup to recover and accessing the MBL with Win 7 Pro recovery disk the path and name and password somehow doesn’t take effect. Someplace I am doing something wrong in the I think it is called UNC syntax path.