Need some help with this Legacy modification

So yeah I’m modifying the legacy theme, to be exact the large video browse file. Basically what I did was omit all the info of the videos and only display the thumbnails in a 10X3 layout. I want something like this because I can’t imagine scrolling through 300 movies in 3X4 layouts.

Heres an example of what It looks like:


If I sort the videos by “all” It works perfectly, no bugs, no errors. perfect scrolling, perfect paging, fast response time. Now, If change the sorting to other than “all” It gets slow as **bleep**, no bugs are detected but It gets really sluggish. I think It might be some sort of processing issue.

Heres how I call the functions:

<listbox valkey=“browselist” autoenter=“1” autoswitch=“0” move=“page”
 cols=“10” rows=“3” lbmask=“u”  loop_scroll=“1” turbo_trigger=“31” turbo_multi=“31” hormove=“1” />


Have anyone experienced anything like this? The documentantion on the functions are poor so I changed the parameters based on logic. As I said It only gets slow if I change the sorting to anything but “all”

Thanks in advance!

I had a issue when using 30 thumbnails, ie 10x3, the last 3 looked like the had been selected when they hadn’t been yet.

I changed to 9x3 and this cleared up that errors and it scrolled better.

It might not be your issue, buy might be worth a try :slight_smile:

Thanks. I might try It but I doubt It will make any difference.

Does your layout scroll fast with 27 thumbs when using the  “Folder” Filter? If so, you would be so kind to send me the code for the functions? I’d like to check if It is different from what I posted.

Thanks again.


I tried what you suggested and It turns out that when I use 8X3 (24) thumbnails It works perfectly with all filters (including the forlders filter). So, my guess is that the hub can’t handle 30, or 27 for that matter, thumbnails at a time. I hope someone can look up this bug. I’m sure It is a bug and not a hardware limitation.


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