Need some help setting up my WD My Cloud to a 1000gb Network

First of all I want to say that I am considering myself a very tech savy and my issue is killing my knowledge. I just installed WDBCTL0020HWT-NESN, and could not got it to work the first time, this is my design… Got a cisco DPC3008 Modem with Comcast, which is connected to a cheap 10/100/1000 TRENDnet unmmanaged switch, my computer and my linksys wireless router is connected at this switch and everything is working so far but as soon I connect the WD to the switch even thou that I have a link displaying 1000 connection and the WD show a blue led display my network could not find the WD.

I also tried to put a static IP on the WD but no luck…so I decided to connect the WD to my wireless router 10/100 and from there my network can see it, but only 10/100. The only configuration I have made on my linksys wireless is changing its IP to since the cisco modem is by default and my IP starts at What am I missing? I would like to use the WD on a 1000gb environment. thanks.

Are all devices in the same WORKGROUP? The default workgroup name on WD devices is WORKGROUP, whereas your computer may not have same name as a default.

Hook just computer and My Cloud to the network switch (sans router/modem) and you should be able to send files to one another. If not, I really suspect workgroup issue.

I basically, have gear like you have (incl the Trendnet gigabit switch (lots of them around house) so that’s not your problem.