Need Software for WD 4000BEV?


I have WD External Hard Drive.  Model–>  WD 4000BEV,  400GB capacity

When i purchased it came with few software and i want it now. I have deleted those software and i dont remember the name of the software.

So can anyone please provide the software like sync, backup, drive utilities and security for windows, etc which will support my model.

Also need any  universal firmware for this model.

Thank you,



Please check the links below:

Hi Nesvic,

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ: WD Sync is intended to synchronize data from a computer to your Passport drive and SHOULD NOT be used as backup software. To use this software properly, we strongly advise that you do not wipe or erase the data from your computer system. Doing so will also wipe out the data on the Passport drive when WD Sync is used.

As Existing versions of WD Sync will wont support anymore and as per this Imprtant message (above), it feels like if some problem occurs then it will create problem. Then it will create problem in furture. Therefore i have decided to format the Whole External HDD with NTFS and create a partition in it.  what is ur opinion on formating and partition the HDD and deleting WD Sync (As i dont need it)\

Can u please confirm as I dont know my products (Model–WD 4000BEV)  lie in which category wheather it is My Passport Essential or My Passport Essential SE or My Passport Elite or My Passport Studio. – how to find it?