Need Shared Folder in Explorer (LAN), not in Web Based Interface (WAN)

Purchased My Cloud Home for the family to share files and folders, but it seems that no matter how much I try I cannot get a common folder on the network for us to use.

Happy with the private folder and sharing (over WAN) Sharing over a Web-Based interface is just total ■■■■ when it needs to be LAN Based.

It appears that I have just wasted a load of money on this device frowning :frowning:

I am disappointed in this product

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Give answer!!! When will you return the family folder ??

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Pixwhite, create your own topic and don’t pollute my post.

My post about the same problem as yours! They removed the ability to give access to a shared folder for computers! And left only for the mobile application and website !!! But I bought the device exclusively for using shared folders on a computer through finder !!! Return folder sharing for desktop applications on Windows and MAC !!!

If you cannot see it on the LAN at all but the web based stuff works, then it’s possibly a different problem.

Can you see the ‘Public’ folder via the LAN, or absolutely nothing?It may be you need to check if your workstations are not blocked from seeing it - this may be due to security settings, or being limited to a particular workgroup or homegroup, or even wifi setup if clients are allocated a guest IP rather than a proper local network IP, whether the hub/switch/router has its own restrictions…

My own (ISP supplied, need to get a better one) router has options for filtering that don’t seem to do anything but most stuff is wired here and it might be that it only acts on wired-to-wifi crossings so there may be previously ignored settings that might now be relevant.

I see folders and files, but I can’t share a shared folder with other users to whom I give access. Previously, this folder had the name “Family”, in the summer this function was removed

@McN41R @pixwhite Have you already looked at this?

I need to have a shared folder in a desktop application on a computer !!! For the sake of this, I bought this device!

@pixwhite Do you have Windows and use One drive? If yes, look at this and see if it will work for you.

Mac OS :frowning:

@McN41R If you have Windows 10 using the Public folder may be what you want. Here is a link with more info on how to set this up for sharing. I am trying it now with my computers.

This whole setup from WD with this drive is utterly useless. I already had a MybookLive NAS (2Tb) that is still being used as a central media server, and its awesome. I can copy files to the NAS, and access them on all DLNA enabled devices over SMB in my home. The shared folders are sensible and can be customised for the sort of data they will contain. Along comes this new drive and you cant even get in to change the netbios name, because for some stupid reason which is beyone me, WD have removed access. Cant SSH in to the drive, and he apps they supply with the drive dont even see the one public share on the drive. I understand the need for security from SMBv1 to at least SMB v2, but for the love of god, taking away all options at customisation is rdiculous and quite insulting. This new drive does not deliver anywhere near as well as the old drive. All you had to do was tweak the drives to use SMB v2 instead of V1 to make it more secure. In order for me to watch movies on ym handheld devices I will now have to have the files in my personal folder as well as in the public folder for the TV’s to play them (means loosing double the space) and I am unable to configure permissions to the public folder so that anyone who logs on to my network is able to have complete access to all of my files.

@WD…this is ridiculous and dangerous. You are putting the end user for this product at risk for no reason. Give us back the damned web UI access and the ability to actually add an admin password of our choice. I dont care that traffic has to go through your servers to access my personal share, in fact I would rather it didnt, as you obviously think that letting this drive go out to the public with an open shared folder that the user cant update the password is good hygeine and security.

Your customer services are pretty useless as well. Trying to explain this by email and getting responses that just dont add up. Its actually like banging my head against the wall. You nailed the product with the MyBookLive NAS and its truly amazing and I am still using it, this new one is actually pretty useless. Get your act together!

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