Need Scheduled USB Backup or its useless

What no way to schedule USB backups.
I’d not purchased this device had I realized that QNAP would have provided what I needed.

Hi Agent99,

Actually there is no way to schedule USB backup.

You may also refer to the link given below in order to know more about My Cloud Home USB Backup and Compatibility.

Yes I realize that WD lacks the ability to schedule backups.
Hardly a complex feature.


Will that functionality come available in the future?
I bought this product as a newer version of the wd my cloud.

The usb backup function is gone, while it exist on the wd my cloud.
Now a newer product has less functionality??
I hardly believe a usb port is only for import…not export.
It’s like a car which only can drive forwards. Please add the functionality on the wd my cloud home.