Need replacement power supply for ancient WD My Cloud and a bit more help please

I’ve lost the power supply for my ancient WD My Cloud device, or will it work just on USB power from a Macbook Pro 2017. I have several different USB type C adaptors. Or, does anyone have a product code where I can buy a power supply?

I don’t know what model it is, it’s probably unsupported and out of warranty due to it’s age, but photo attached showing model number - my eyesight is too poor to be able to read the tiny writing on the serial number and model number sticker on the bottom.

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.

I’d also like to upgrade to the latest firmware for Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6, and would prefer to power it from the UK mains power, and attach it to my LAN switch, rather than USB. If possible, I’d also like some advice on hardware resetting it and formatting & partitioning for the Mac as an attached drive, not time machine.

I hope someone can help. Thanks.

Hi Aren,

You can refer the below mentioned link to know about the configuration of Power Adapter for your My Cloud Single Bay device.

For more information, you can refer the link given below to get in-touch WD’s Technical support team.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.