Need recommendation for a WD TV replacement, since support gone


I am on a ship and we have a number of the WD boxes, none of them program like any of the others, giving at times a frustrating learning curve. On I have now is scrolling top to bottom fast, resetting does nothing, occasionally a blue WD sign comes up and goes away to scrolling. Any idea on how to stop this? Another question, what is a similar replacement as we network this and use the audio-video feed (small connector on end). Any help is appreciated.


The Fire TV needs internet to properly turn on and display main menu. If you don’t have internet access, you are SOL on many modern conveniences.


I am going to investigate Firestarter or appstarter as these are reported to support local firestick streaming if no Internet is available.


I have no idea why screen is scrolling, Contact WD support for assist.