Need MyBookLive software for MAC OS 10.7.5

I had my 2tb My Book Live on my network at home. Since I moved I need to use this MacBook which has OS 10.7.5. When I hooked up my My Book Live I can’t find it on the network and WDC does not have the older version available for download that I can find. Is there an archive location where I can get the older version for OS 10.7.5 for MAC as well as for Windows XP?
Thank you.

OK, I found it here:

From someone else’s post. Searching wdc site just yielded the latest version which would not work with OS 10.7 but this one did.

WD’s Support Site features a software history for their products, even in the legacy section. As such, most applications are available for download.

I’m glad you were able to find the application you were looking for.