Need my cloud ex2 ultra service manual

I need a link to download the my cloud ex2 ultra service manual to safely disassemble the device to clean it and replace the fan and PC board button battery, and then correctly reassemble it. The User Manual doesn’t have this information.

Our my cloud ex2 ultra 2-bay failed, the button battery was dead, and the fan was so caked with dust it stopped turning, which burned it out. I figured out how to disassemble and reassemble the unit, but I need the service manual for a client who is 500 miles away from me making a house call somewhat difficult. He will need to clean it out on a regular basis, hence the need for the service manual.

He purchased a new my cloud ex2 ultra diskless, moved the drives from the failed one to it, I come in via VPN and completed the setup. Easy peasy, because I had saved the configuration file. He then sent me the failed unit, and I took it apart, put in a new button battery, and have a fan on order. I had a couple of 1TB HDDs that are now in it for testing, and I tweaked the configuration to sit on my network. I did a test GoodSync backup to it and found it worked okay as long as it remained cool enough.

Now all I need is a link to the service manual, and for the new fan to arrive.

Edit: I documented the routine and here is the link to the PDF on my OneDrive.
My Cloud EX2 Ultra Spring-Cleaning Instructions

See Links in my below post for fan replacement.

at one time I saw a video and a take apart for the older WD ex NAS

not sure about a service manual ?

The top cover took some work to remove and I still broke a few tabs

I keep a old internal disk cooling fan on top of my EX2 when room is hot or when doing a raid rebuild.
(or OS5 indexing)

Yeah, I searched for a video, but I didn’t find one.

I figured out how to do it with only one difficult move that I haven’t figured out a better way yet. I took pictures along the way and documented the routine to completely disassemble, clean, replace the fan as needed, and reassemble to working order. No broken tabs!

Of course, new users can’t upload a PDF of the routine to help others.

Here is the link to the PDF on my OneDrive.
[WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra Spring-Cleaning Instructions]

See Links in my below post for fan replacement.

This is great info, but I have a question: how did you acquire the new battery & fan? About a month ago, I opened a WD Support ticket regarding the “fan not working” notification, but I was told that I couldn’t purchase/replace the fan myself & my only recourse was to purchase a new EX2Ultra shell at $200.

Here is the manufacturer’s page for the fan that was in my EX2 Ultra
DC Fan-35X35X10 - Sunon (

Here is the seller’s EBay page for that fan.
1PC SUNON MC35101V1-000U-G99 12V 0.72W 3.5CM 3-wire silent cooling small fan | eBay

The battery is a standard motherboard battery - CR2036?

Thank you!!!

And thanks again for the detailed DIY instruction steps for performing the replacement - putting a new battery in while the unit is apart is a “no brained” in my opinion.