Need Instructions For Passport

Just bought a 1TB Passport to back up my HP laptop. Absolutely no instructions in the box. I have it installed and it is recognized by my laptop. I finally found what I think is an aid from WD, but it is a ZIP file and will cost $49 to buy a WINZIP program to open it. There must be a better way. Any suggestions??

Here is the User Manual (will be viewable in your web browser and if you need to download it, it’a *.pdf file … you’ll need a pdf reader, here’s a Free one)

If you ever need to extract a zip file in future … i recommend 7zip … it’s 100% Free

Lastly, it’s rare that any external hardware come with printed instructions … if they do, it’ll be a ‘quick start guide’ aka dummies guide … basically how to plug it into a computer.