Need information about spin up time

Noob question: I have WD red for 2 months but I noticed that with time slowly degradation of spin up time. Is this normal?

My old WD green was replaced after 35 000 of working hours and with spin up tme of 6.8 seconds.

I did`t pay attention to this value before, maybe is completely normal…

I would over look it. I got 18/k hours and less than 100 spin ups on my wd green/ the degradation could be drive finally getting stuff on it…

100 spin up? You mean 10s spin up time?


other opinion?

I have similar values on mines.
if my memory serves me right I had lower values at the beggining till a had some power outage.
if you don’t listen any weird sound on start up they must be healty.
what kind of software did you use for that graphic ?

It is picture from HD sentinel. Here is current status from HD tune and WD data lifeguard:


What is your current value and how old is your HDD? Is there max number for that value? I didn`t have any power outage.

I have download HD sentinel portable but I’m unable to get the log graphic like yours to see the numbers since the first spin up. any help please ?

Under smart tab

my graphic is empty it doesn’t show anything. I would probably need the PRO version…?

I have PRO. Maybe is needed for that, don t know. Can you post here HD tune SMART screenshot so we can compare?

compare what ? I don’t know what HDD you are referrring to because you take a screenshoot and cut the upper part out. is there anything to hide ?

Like i stated in first post it is WD red 2TB. To compare spin up time.


here you go ! don’t be obsessed with spin up data. FYI I have a Samsung hard drive which shows 7xxx

Thank for picture. Tell me one more thing, how many data did you wrote to your WD red?