Need I return my HDD?

Hello, I need an advice plz.

I’m very in a bad posture :

One of my Western 1.5to green appear to be bad , realy bad.

With read test (hddtune, without partition) seem to be normal start 100mo/s and finish to 60Mo/s

But in Write test : only 5Mo/s start at the end.

Try to check my bios config, IDE mode, ACHI, Cache drive is enable of course.

The smart information affraid me a lot :

It’s very strange. A the begenning I have not this problem of writespeed. This disk contain bad-sectors at the end of the disk.

With windlg tool extended test failed.

I make many write-zero and HDDREGENERATOR. Now Windlg say nothing. But writespeed is poor, really poor.

But , even windlg say all is ok. My HDD can be replaced or not ? Because in state is not usable.


ps: I hope, that my bad English is understandable.

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