Need How-To for removing Standard Media Server

I was really wanting to install XBMC on the DX4000 to solve the DLNA problems I’ve been having with my Seagate BlackArmor 400, especially because it is entirely FOSS, and didn’t require Java, but as it turns out, I wasn’t able to get it running via RDP. I probably can make it happen with a bit more investogation on the advancedsettings.xml file, but I wanted something up quickly.

So,I took the advice of Gramps and others here about Serviio, and bit the Java bullet.

And it works very well!

I am now able to view .mkv’s and pretty much everything else so far on my DirecTV receiver’s via the Music & Photos app in the Extras menu. This immediately obsolete’s my Seagate FreeAgent Theater+, and obviates the need for buying any other media players.

Now I’m wondering what I need to uninstall from the DX4000 in order to remove duplicated and unused functionality present in the standard apps that are installed from the factory.

Can I uninstall the Haali Media Splitter and the Open Codecs package? And then what else?

Are the cabs for these apps available if I want to reinstall later? I’m fine with a reinstall of the OS if necessary if otherwise, although I don’t anticipate needing to.


Haali Media Splitter are codecs for MKV files, if you remove and you have a file that requires that codec, they might not work properly.

Doesn’t Serviio include all the codecs it needs anyway?