Need help

hi guys

sorry if my english so bad

i’ve been doing all thing to know what is wrong  with usb3 in my laptop or wd my passport usb3 ?

i bought ASUS laptop a month ago and suddenly 3 days ago:

-i can transfer file (movie 4-9GB) from my passport to laptop but i can no transfer file from laptop to my passport

-and with my friend seagate usb3 1TB,i can transfer file from seagate to laptop and from laptop to seagate

if i plug into usb2 with my asus laptop there was nothing wrong with my passport,it works fine.and another thing i have 4 my passport usb3 1TB.all of them can not transfer file from laptop to my passport, which is like suddenly error and my passport disconnected and connect again  by itself

so i tried to check with my sister sony laptop usb3

-my passport works fine, can transfer file from laptop to passport and passport to laptop

in my opinion if there is problem with usb3 in asus,why seagate was alright when copying,and if the problem with my passport why it was working fine with my sister sony laptop usb3:cry:

so any advice that can help me out,that would be great,cus this problem really drive me nuts

thanks in advance guys:smiley:

Try using 2.0 to check if a 3.0 issue

you have already isolated the problem to one computer so the drive is fine

Try loading the latest drivers for USB 3.0

i plug in my book usb2 into usb3 on asus laptop and copying the same file from laptop into my book it works fine,so i don’t know whats happening

i did uninstall the fresco driver from notebook, reboot, use CCleaner and to clean the register (run the register check until it doesn’t find any issues), reboot, then install the fresco driver from Asus support and still the problem exist

this is the link when the copying failed

thanks in advance