Need help!

Hello all,

Please excuse me if this post appears like a rant, I have had the Mybookworld for two
months now and it is driving me up the wall!

First problem: It will not allow connections remotely, it has just happened randomly
and I cannot get it to work again.

Second problem: Twonkymedia is having an issue whereby it builds a database without
finding some media types for example it will build it and then report 0
pictures; then rebuild the database with 0 music tracks and so on. It also reports itself as Twonkymedia [3] which I assume is the server being registered more than once. It is incredibly frustrating to have to keep rebuilding databases until it finally recognises
all media types.

I have already tried a soft reset with no joy; please don’t tell me a full reset
is the answer :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, how are you trying remote access? Using FPT? If so, how?

With the Twonky issue there’s not much I could do if I could not reset it…