Need help


I am a user’s My Book External Hard Disk 1.5 Terra using Usbcable.

Some of this time I frequently back up data for data such asphotos, I use a Power Book G4 MAC, after doing my usualshooting straight back up all the results into the My Book.

But lately, I have some data backed up, I can not open.
When I enter the thumbnail mode, which seems only the file name only, but when I click on his thumbnail, all data is lost.
I’ve tried to copy but can not be done because once the data onclicks, always just missing.

Strangely after I eject My Book of the laptops, the data was thereagain, whether this is due to a virus or by something else?

Please explain.


What kind of drive are you using, the model number?  Are you sure that it’s formatted for Mac?  If it’s formatted in NTFS, you’ll be able to see it, but not copy to it.

Are you using this on Windows and Mac both?