Need help with password with My Book Essential

My friend bought me this new external hard drive yesterday.  I thought it was like other external hard drives but it told me to enter a password which I did and then in an email it sent me a password.  First, when I turned on my computer this morning it sent me a message that my hard drive was locked and I tried both passwords and neither worked and it has locked me out.  I did read where once I get in I can I can disconnect the password.  Can this hard drive be used like a normal external hard drive or is it only for storage.  I use my other external drive to save and retrieve hundreds of things every day?  I am so frustrated with this I am in tears and about ready to throw it through the window.  I spent hours putting stuff on it and now it says if I don’t have my password I have to reformat it and lose everything.  I wrote both passwords down so I know they are right.  Can anyone help a poor frustrated old lady?  Thanks.  Jody

Do you have anything important stored on this drive? If not I think you can wipe the drive and set it up without a password. First try removing the drive properly unplug it then reboot PC  and hook back up that should reset give you another chance to try password. There are different versions of firmware on these. If you get it unlocked remove the password first.

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