Need help with old 3.5" hdd!


I have very big problem with my old HDD. My wife accidentally hit it and HDD stopped working. Problem is that there are pictures of my kids from birth till 5 years old.
I’ve been told that I have to get almost the same HDD (donor) to change parts and then specialists will try to extract data. Maybe someone has or know where to get almost identical HDD? (Photo attached, important information is marked in red).

this is a very old HDD. it’s gonna be very hard to find a ‘‘clone’’
you might want to contact a recovery lab because they know better the sources for spares
if this drive was hit when powered off it could just be a fixable problem without the need of a true donor
btw this is a 500GB unit, it’s unclear why you don’t have a backup…
for under 50 bucks you can purchase a 1000GB drive

Usually mechanical shocks can destroy the read heads and gouge the media. In short, next time get a backup and then make another backup.