Need help with my “My Passport”

I have a My Passport Ultra Metal Edition and I want to use it to store my steam games because they take up a lot of space, there was a lot of back up stuff on it that I didn’t want or need so I erased the drive. But now I can’t install anything into it anymore, I used to be able to, then I noticed it was full of garbage so I emptied it, and now when I try it tells me there’s no disk space. Also looking at it in folders when it’s plugged in doesn’t tell me how much data it has in it anymore, it’s just blank. I can drag things in there like a flash drive but nothing else. Also after I erased the drive it changed from like a G in folders, like G: drive, to an F like F: drive, I don’t know why it did that, or if that matters. From what I’ve seen I might have to re download stuff? I don’t know what? The only thing the manual says is the community answer ID 7 or something like that and I couldn’t find it or any other community questions about what to do after erasing a drive, I tried downloading stuff off the product page but none of it helped anything you could tell me would be helpful as I would like to get this working again. Thanks.

Hello lbelinski33,

You can try reformatting the drive using Disk Management on your computer. You can refer the link given below to reformat the drive.