Need help with My Book World Edition II NAS 2TB

Hello everybody, my WD My Book World Edition II NAS 2TB recently died, but the hard drives are still working fine. Does anybody have an idea, how can I mount them to PC running on Ubuntu server? Thanks

If you had your unit on RAID 1 you should be able to access the data on a Linux system that supports the EXT3 file system.

A RAID 0 volume is unfortunately not recoverable.

You could still recover, but you would need to go to data recovery.

Yes, this is a RAID 1, and I have 4 partitions in it:

/dev/sbd1 or /dev/md/125 1.8 GB EXT3
/dev/sbd2 or /dev/md/126 256 MB SWAP
/dev/sbd3 or /dev/md/127 0.9 GB EXT3
/dev/sbd4 or /dev/md/124 1.8 TB XFS

I was able to connect one of the hard drives to W7 and recover the data from XFS via UFS Explorer Professional Recovery, but every time I was trying to connect this hard drive to the Linux, it gives me same error message, “partition needs clean up” or some thing, and sometimes something about superblock.

Any suggestions about where is the problem?