Need help with my 1tb ex drive has become raw

Hi im in need of help, as i’ve had my hdd for sometime never with any issues, however I had files encrypted on windows bit locker, on both my 1tb drive and a 16gb usb drive. for some reason the 16gb drive developed a corrupted file, and I couldn’t access the drive, so i followed the bitlocker instructions and recovedered the files onto my 1tb wd drive, only to find that all of a sudden its reading as just 16gb as if its just a pen drive. I went to check the partitions and only 16gb was partitioned and the rest was raw, so I tried some recovery programs but it just kept recoverying the 16gb files, and none of the the rest of the drive, as windows is not reading the drive as even bing there, it only comes up in bios, I tried deleting the 16gb partionion hoping i can recover the entire driver, but again only the 16gb files a being recovered, I have an empty 2tb drive to move the files to, but im not getting anywhere, im guessing the encryption of the 1tb files is not helping. any help thanks

You didn’t mention what software you tried. See if TestDisk works this thread explains a bit EaseUS has a program that might work Finally as a last ditch effort sometimes the command prompt to convert FAT32 to NTFS will also work scroll down partway to see the command prompt.