Need help with formatting please

I’m 100% sure this has PROBABLY been covered over and over but I ASSURE you I have not found MY answer so, please, bare with me.

I want to get rid of this crapware (I know I know, bare with me) but I’m a total ■■■■■ who doesn’t know **bleep**. I want to reformat the drive so it is literally blank and ready to have anything dragged and dropped into it.

Here’s my question- How exactly is this done? I don’t understand this FAT32 NTFS **bleep**. I just want to reformat it but also be able to simply plug n play. I use both Windows and OS X and it sounds to me like you have to be specific when formatting?

I just want it nuked and clean and ready to use on both OS X and Windows. Is this easy or very technical? Either way, can someone please explain to me in lamens terms on how to? I’m not a super geek, I know enough about computers to use them but, I’m not a super genious or even familiar with all these tech terms.

I run Windows 8.1 on an GX60 and OS X Lion 10.7 on a 2007 iMac, and thinking of getting the new Mavericks. 

Not sure if this matters but what the heck.

Thanks again for understanding my situation and thank you again in advance for a reply. It took me literally an hour just to figure out how to post on this forum. Ridiculous lol.

*EDIT* Also, does removing the software have any negative effect? From my understanding it is all worthless but might as well ask. I just want to drag and drop my **bleep** on my external as a means of backup. That’s it. Games, movies, songs, pictures etc. I can easily take the time to organize folders and such myself. And the bleeps are not curses. It is the word children learn as an alternate to bowel movements lol. Just saying so no one is offended. NOT cursing.


If you are  going to be using the drive on both systems, you will need to format the drive on FAT 32.

Check the link below for more details on how format the drive.

You shouldn’t have any problems moving the files using the drag and drop method.

There are several limitations to the FAT32 format including a 4 GB per-file limit. This is a file system limitation that affects both Mac’s and PC’s, and there is no way around it at this time. For more information about what these limitations are please see Answer ID 1287: File and partition size limitations using the FAT32 file system.

I’m a newbie, but…

Why can’t windows 8.1 use an NTFS-formatted usb HDD?

I use win 98 PRO sp3 on my desktop, and it’s internal drives are ntfs (2 physical drives with c: being a 190GB NTFS drive, and the second drive having NTFS partitions of 400gb amd 300gb)…


I guess the best thing to do is to format the drive to NTFS,

and you should try paragon NTFS, it’s a program that lets you use ntfs file system on a mac,

Why shouldn’t you use FAT32 ? the data tends to get corrupted (the same goes for exFat), and you can’t have +4gb files.

To sum up: