Need help with DIY repair of WD1500ADFD (old Raptor)

Hi folks,

Yesterday I hooked up my 5V molex power rail to the 12V power rail in my PSU (it’s modular) and cooked both of my hard drives. They do not spin up at all and are not recognized by the mobo, so I am hoping it is just a problem with the board.

Here is the picture of the board from my WD1500ADFD:

I had tested the D3 diode with my multimeter and found a 0V drop in both directions, so I figured it was a TVS diode and cut it off the board. Turns out the board was shorting the diode, because I measured it after lifting one side off and the voltage drop was back.

Can anyone help me with what I should try next? I am willing to get a spare logic board and transplant U12 if necessary.


Western Digital does not sell or replace circuit boards for our hard drives. Replacing the circuit board on a hard drive is not a recommended method for recovering data or drive functions as this will void the warranty on the hard drive. For every hard drive model that Western Digital manufacturers, there are many firmware changes that would make it very difficult to find a circuit board with the same firmware of the defective drive.  If you need to recover the data on your drive, please contact one of our recommended  preferred data recovery partners.

Perhaps one of the users here have a suggestion that can help you.