Need help with configuration

Hey all, I have been trying to figure out how to set MyBookLive 2TB according to my needs for 2 weeks now, I am hoping someone here can help me.

1st:  So I installed it initially on my Desktop. I want to limit the space available directly on the desktop to 1500GB, how can I do that?

2nd:  When I opened it by web access on my laptob, it only shows 99.9GB of storage, I want it to be 500GB, how do I do that? In addition I am hoping there is a way that these 500GB are only accesible on my laptob. 

I really appreciate any help here! Thanks alot

The MBL doesn’t support quotas, so you cannot do that.

Then what are the shares for? If I can’t assign space, can I atleast make my laptob share private from my PC?


Shares and quotas are two different things.

Very few NAS’s of this pricepoint have quota functionality.

You can make any share private within the configuration of the share in the MBL.

As to your second question, *ANY* share you open via Web (WD 2go) is a WebDAV connection.

On Microsoft, all shares connected via WebDAV will always report the size / free space of your primary volume (usually your C: drive.)