Need help with android remote app

Hello, I need help with accessing my wdtv live hub after loosing my remote. I have the android remote program but i have no way of finding my hubs ip address because I have no way of controllin the device. If anyone know of a way I can access my device from my computer or android phone or how I can find my devices ip address please let me know.

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Finding the IP of the hub from a laptop/desktop should be easy.  In windows 7, go to Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center, click on See full map.    You should see the hub there.  With your cursor on the icon, you should see the IPv4 address.  Now just copy this in your browser address bar with your own hub IP “”.  This will give you access to a remote to control the hub.  Or use the IPv4 address to setup your Android app.

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Thank you!! Now the only issue Im having is connecting to the network when my router has a password on it. Is the only way I can obtain an IP address is if im connceted to the net? Do I need to find an open wireless signal? Will it conncect automatically? I always thought you had to scroll to the network setup, sellect the router, and then connect. How can I obtain a ip address if I cannot even navagate through the hub.

Also is there a way I can just tether from my android to the hub? Right now I am using a Cisco linksys AE1000 to pick up my wireless signal. I’m looking at my network map and I cannot see my media player. I’m assuming its due to the fact that I cannot access the net until I input my wireless password. I was thinking of directly connecting the hub to my router then looking at my laptop network map to obtain the IP address, input it into the android app, then disconnecting the hub from the router and connecting it into my TV and plug back in the ae1000. However the dilemma now is even though I have an IP address, when I disconnect the hub from the router, I am no longer connected to the net, therefore I will not able to use the IP address I just found. Let me know your thoughts of ways around this. I have no TV near the router so I cannot connect the hub to the router and also plug the wireless adapter and configure it from there.

In order for all this to work, the hub need to be connected to your network, either wired or wireless with a wireless adapter. The hub has no wireless capability. So having a android app to remote control the hub is of no use unless your hub has an assigned IP address from a router or network switch. A lots of people confuse the difference between having a home network and being on the Net. You can always have a home network, both wired and wireless with or without Internet access.

Also one more thing, I am able to access and reconfiure the router

I already know this. What can I do with what I have avaliable to me.

WOW! I’m actually at a lost here. Maybe if you connect the hub (via wire) to your router and then accessing it from your laptop to setup your wireless adapter. But I really don’t think this will work. Give that a shot and see what happen. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. I have never used wireless adapter on the hub.

So here is were I am at. I was able to access the router and remove the password. But there is still no way to access the hub to connect it to the net, to obtain the ip address, to input the ip address into the app, and use the remote. Please let me know what you guys think, It seems to me that this app is usless unless you are able to connect to the hub to configure the network settings first.

How about we PM and resolve this issue.