Need help with accessing old HGST internal HDD

So I have this HGST internal HDD which I pulled out of my old laptop. I purchased a SATA to USB adapter to connect it to my new laptop, but I can’t access folders within F:\Users\me. Windows says it is an I/O error. I assume I need a proper driver for this to work, but where do I find one for this discontinued product.
I attached a picture of the drive, since I couldn’t determine the exact model.

I/O errors are pretty serious and in my experience are seldom caused by not having the correct driver, but are caused by something physical like faulty hardware.

ie. Hard Drive could be faulty, Partition Table could be corrupted , SATA/USB Adaptor could be the problem, or the USB ports connection could be a problem.

The Drive Series/Branding is a : Travelstar 5K1000

Model/Part No. is HTS541075A9E680 which you’ll find in the Data Sheet in the link below and also shown in the picture you took.

I doubt you’ll find a dedicated driver as these drivers will be included with Windows.

Personally speaking, if you have access to a PC Tower, connect the hard drive directly to a spare SATA port, this will at least eliminate the possibility of a dodgy SATA/USB Adaptor.