Need help w/WD Green 2TB HDD and DataLifeGuard

I put the following PC together 2 months ago and all has been fine. Yesterday I got a new WD 2TB Caviar Green WD20EADS HDD and added it in without issue. Until I run the Data LifeGuard program.

System specs:

Win7 Ultimate 64bit/Abit IX38 QuadGT/ Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale 3.16GHz/ ZALMAN 9500A 92mm/ LITE-ON 4X BD-ROM/ Corsair XMS 4GB (2x2GB) DDR 800/ HIS Radeon 4670 1GB/ WD Caviar Black 750GB x2/ WD Caviar Black 750GB x2/ WD 2TB Caviar Green WD20EADS/ CORSAIR CMPSU-450VX 450W/ SILVERSTONE LC13B-E ATX case/ Samsung HL-4663


I try to run the WD Data Lifeguard program (as admin) and it doesnt respond unless I select compatibility mode for Vista, Vista SP1, or Vista SP2.

Vista = “Not Responding” 100% of the time.

Vista SP1 = “Not Responding” 70%, Fail cable test 30% of the time.

Vista SP2 = “Not Responding” 70%, Fail cable test 30% of the time.

This happens for all of my HDD in this system. I have never used the WD dat lifeguard program before.

I am able to read/write files to all drives.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Data Lifeguard is not as yet compatible with Windows 7.  That’s why you couldn’t get it to work.  I’m sure we’re working on it, but I have no idea when it will be available on our Downloads page.  If you need to check the drive, you may want to do it on a Vista or XP system.

Even though the drive size is different, this is exactly my problem. I purchased a Cavier Black 1 TB two weeks ago, only to discover the WD utilities I have always used do not yet support Win 7 64-bit, so I am unable to clone my existing drive to my new larger WD drive. The attached incident was created in Nov 09, and we are now into Feb 10. I doubt if the author understood three months later and there would still be no solution to this problem. When I called Tech Support, they told me to Google Disk Drive Cloning Software, and I have not tried more than 10 programs with no success. Even Acronis 2010 did not work. I’ve held on to this drive too long to return it to the store it was purchased from. Can I RMA it, since it is nothing more than an expensive paperweight?

For online help to replace a product under warranty follow the link below.  Make sure you back up all your data before replacing the drive. 


Online Product Warranty Replacement

To Contact WD for Technical Support