Need help using MBL to store/sync music to iPod

Is there a wayy to use MBL to store my entire music collection and then sync it with iTunes and my iPod, iPhone, and iPad? I figured out how to store all the music in the Shared Music folder and I can stream music from the MBL through iTunes on both my laptops. But when I create playlists in iTunes from that music and try to sync with my iDevice, it doesn’t sync the music.

Maybe this is better suited as an iTunes forum question… I’m not sure. I’ve had this drive for over a year, and I’ve never been able to figure this out. Many thanks to anyone who can tell me how to do it, or tell me that it’s not possible so I’ll stop trying. Do I need to keep a duplicate copy of all music on the laptop that I want to sync the iDevices with and just use the MBL as a backup drive?

Many thanks!


Hello, check if the link below helps.

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Thank you!!! That looks like it should do the trick!