Need help to Un-brick WD My Book Live Duo 4TB


I am having a problem with my WD My Book Live Duo 4TB NAS. What is happening is the following. My WD MBLD NAS is bricked because of a command that changed too much things in some files via SSH (that’s what I think it happened). After that I was able to access the Dashboard, but I couldn’t access any option because the page was constantly refreshing. Another thing I noticed was that the bottom bar that says how much is used on the NAS was in 0GB, basically it looks like it was default. Even though that was happening on the Dashboard I was able to access my shares via SMB and all the data was intact. That makes me thing that the only thing that is corrupted are the files that boot up the NAS software.

I went ahead and power cycled the device (big error) and now I can’t access the Dashboard nor shares because it look like that NAS won’t boot. The front LED is solid yellow and not green when everything was normal. I bought an enclosure and connected Drive A in it and with Linux Reader I was able to see 4 partitions. One partition is 513 MB approximately, the other two are 2.0GB and the last one says 1.98TB. I was able to access the 2.0GB partitions only. The biggest one is not accessible (the one I assume has the data because of the size). The other partitions have the OS files (etc, var, bin, home, etc). So, I am able to access the OS files but not the share that I assume has the data. I used Linux Recovery app and saw that the other partitions are ext2 and the big one that I can’t access file system is in blank, I think that partition needs to be ext4 because when I connected the second drive I saw it ext4. 

I am interested in restoring the NAS OS so I can boot up and access my data. I think that can be done because I am able to access those directories in the partition, but I would need to get somehow the firmware or the OS files so I can replace them. If the case is that I am not able to save the NAS, I would like to at least access the data partition and eventually by another NAS and re-use both 2TB disks, but I would really like to get those files or recover the NAS before purchasing a new one. 

Any help and/or suggestion will be appreciated.

Another user on the community posted this particular tutorial on how to debrick the MBL Duo.

Hi John,

I was able to boot the NAS using the link you specified but this is the status now.  I am not sure if that procedure has to be done in boths disks, I did it only on Disk A.  When I have boths disks connected the unit won’t boot it will keep solid yellow LED.  If I disconnect Disk B the unit will boot but won’t detect the data partition (ext4).  I am getting this message from the dashboard: 

"Data volume failed to mount

The data volume on the drive is not accessible. Please contact customer service."

My questions are the following:

1- Do I need or is there any way I can manually check and mount tha data partition?

2- Do I need Disk B for the data partition to mount? If so, should I run the script in Disk B as well?

I will recommend to contact support directly so they can guide you in this process.

John012 wrote:

I will recommend to contact support directly so they can guide you in this process.

My WD MBLD is out of warranty, do you know if I will get any kind of support?