Need help to stream 5.1 surround sound

i’m a newbie so i am not familiar with audio jargon and just starting to learn about a/v. i would like to be able to stream 5.1 surround sound from files i have downloaded from the internet. this is my system:

Bose Lifestyle V20 HTS
Vizio 47" HD TV
Computer: HP Pavilion P6330F
Cpu: intel core i3 2.93Ghz DDR3 SDRAM 6 Gb Ram
OS: Windows 7 64 Bit
Router: Netgear WNR 2000
Network: Wired/Wireless
Dlna Devices: WD Live TV HD
ISP: xtreme

i have ffdshow, ac3, haai media splitter installed on my machine, i am just starting to learn about these encoders. i also have installed two media servers; tversity and playon. if someone would not mind giving a beginner a few pointers it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

I can’t advise you on pirated films, but in general the Live will output surround sound IF you set the output to “Digital” (in the audio/video settings tab) and if you are passing the audio through to a decoder (the Live can’t play surround sound but only pass it through to a device that can, like a receiver).

In that case if you have DTS or AC3 5.1 surround it will play automagically – nothing more you need do.

thank you