Need help to restrict access from others on network

Hey guys, hope you cane help:

I need to restrict access to my cloud for the other people using my home network. Basically, I have computer illiterate family members that have accidentally accessed my cloud from their computers, and they almost deleted my entire photo archive because they thought it had somehow magically uploaded to their computer. I need to keep my stuff safe from stupidity!

Is there any way to hide or password protect my cloud from the rest of the network? I thought I had, but apparently not…

You can’t hide the device itself, but you can setup a “private share”. Basically its a password protected share that should only allow access to authenticated users. Based on what you stated it sounds to me like your using the Public share. Know that the Public share is just that, PUBLIC.

These instructions are if your not using the new OS3 platform for the MyCloud. I myself have purposely not updated yet. If you are using the new OS3 firmware read them anyway as the principles should be the same but know that the tabs i mention might have been renamed.

Login to your MyCloud’s WEBUI click on the users tab and make yourself an account. After making the account the device likes to generate a folder thats named after your account name. Make that share Private by going to the shares tab, selecting the share, and setting the “public access” switch to the off position. Next towards the bottom of the page find your account name and grant it full access.

Then migrate all your files to your private folder. This should stop your family from access your files in the future unless your give them your username and password.

Yes. One can create “private shares” that require a user to enter a user name and password to access. See the following WD Support Documents for shares. Once a share is made private one can configure access (full access, read only access, no access) for each user for that share.

How to create a Share on a My Cloud device

Note that you cannot (on OS 3 version firmware) set the Public Share to private from the Dashboard. As such any content in the Public Share folder will be visible to all. Further if you enable “Media Serving” on a Private Share, any media (video, audio, pictures) will be visible to anyone who uses a DLNA client.

If you open up the Dahboard and click on or activate Help (?) you will find the information for setting up a share and how to limit access to it.