Need Help to register my product and access my passport.local

I bought a My Passport Wireless 1TB on India.

I am using a MacBook Pro

I am unable to register my product with the serial no. S/N: [Deleted]. All my trials resulted in Invalid Serial No.

I am following the steps provided in the videos.

In the first video of 4 minutes duration I am unable to reach my passport.local to accept the T&C
In the second video of 2.53 minutes duration I am unable to get connected to My Passport to accept the T&C.

If you are connected the the MyPassport wifi connection… the IP Address of the MyPassport by default is, you could try connecting to that instead of mypassport.local

Thank you
Why am I unable to register the product !!!

I could log on and accept the T&C and change the password.
Now My Passport is wifi connected.
I am unable to connect to My Passport sever.