Need help seeing multiple externals through media server between 2 wdtv live hubs

Hey everyone, I have 2 wdtv live hubs that are hooked up through the same ethernet router. I have 4 externals hooked up to the 2 wdtv live hubs, two 2tb western digital elements to the one live hub and one 2tb western digital element and 1tb western digital external(i forgot the name)

I have no trouble seeing the internal drives on either of the wdtvs but I can only see one of the 2tb externals on one of the wdtv live hubs, the rest of them don’t appear.

I have media library shut off. When i go to media server, i click on videos then by folder then local then WDTVLiveHub. One one of the hubs it also has USB1 which is one of the 2tb externals. How do I get the other 3 to appear?

Thanks for any help.

So I half solved the problem. I tried ejecting the externals and plugging them back into the wdtvs. So now the wdtv in the bedroom can see the internal and 2 externals of the living room wdtv but the living room wdtv can still only see the internal drive of the bedroom wdtv.

So any ideas as why this is? I tried checking the settings and making sure they were both the same on each wdtv and I didn’t notice anything that was different.

Well I figured a different way without using the media server. I setup both of the wdtv live hubs to be able to network share.  I didn’t realize all I had to do was turn on the login info to get that setup. Took 3 mins to set that up and now all the externals are able to be accessed on each wdtv.

If anyone still knows why it wasn’t working through the media server I would still love to know. Thanks.