Need help plz

hey guys

im really frustrated been searching all over the web

i have  : My Passport Essential  WDME1600TE 160 GB

i wanted to ask you if there is any driver for windows 7 for it , cause all my computers are windows 7 and currently it only works on xp and vista

id appreciate your help

Based on the specifications it doesnt look like its compatible with Win 7 take a look at the link below.

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Are all of your Windows 7 PCs 32 bit? I just saw another post where an pre Windows 7 drive works on 64 bit but not 32 bit.


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hey , thanks for answering , they are all 64 bit

You need to understand that this drive is not made for Windows 7, like any other device that is not supported in an OS, the drive might work, but can stop without any reason, it can work in one computer and it will not work in another, with the same OS, for no reason what so ever, this is a really old drive, Windows might allow the device to use the generic USB drivers, but this is something that is not reliable.