Need help plz

i bought "WD my passport " about a year ago for EGYPT and i am now in the united stats but unfortunately my device stopped working basically whenever i connect it to the computer the light glow but i cannot see the new partition which used to appear . i think that i have warranty on it but there is another problem i have about 250 GB of data on it 4 GB are the important stuff on it rest is not important and i dont care about it.
so the my problem is how can i fix it or replace it and if you can help me extract the data out of it.

thanks in advance,

First try another USB cable and make sure you are not plugged into a hub. Try different USB ports on PC especially on the back if it’s a desktop. If you can’t find another cable contact customer service they’ll probably send you another one and ask them about a power booster cable.


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I already tried connecting it to different USB ports even tried with diffract computer,but when I connect it the light bulb at the side glows so I don’t know if that prove that the USB cord is working, and if that mean that the cord maybe damaged how to contact the costumer service to ask for another cord

I’d suggest a power booster cord instead of the regular one, try to be nice to the tech and see if you get it :stuck_out_tongue:

omg i tried different Power booster still not working
 what should i do now?

plz help me need that drive so badly