Need help plz

ok i went to best buy  today and got a black caviar 1tb internal hard drive sata i have connected teh cabels and power to teh drive and windows did nt reconize it …so i tryd difffrent sata ports on my mother board still nothing so i switch sata cabels thinking it was a bad cabel still nothing then i tried teh sata port the my other 250 drive ws in still nothing but the computer still read my 250 but nt my 1tb,then i down loaded the lifeguard software n the wd site teh software shows my drive but i cannot acess it…now do i need to add jumpers …or do i need to run teh full format thing ooon teh life guard software…i think i told all my proomblem if u need any mre info reply and i wll tell u …tx for teh help in advance

If our diagnostics can see the drive, have you tried testing it?  Also, have you tried using Windows Disk Management to format the drive?  WD does not factory format our internal drive so you must use format it before it will show up within “My Computer” or “Computer”.