Need help pls - Custom backdrops for each movie genre

I had a pretty basic question but couldnt figure out how to do it.  I want to have a custom backdrop for each movie genre.  Where do you place the art file for this?  I have custom thumbnails for each genre already, but they all they all share the same exact backdrop.  

My folder structure is like this:







You can’t have backdrops for standard themes because sheets don’t work for folders.

The only way to have sheets for folders is to use “Linksheet” themes.

Thx for responding…im confused.  I know this should be in the mamba thread now but i didnt intend to ask about the theme itself sorry.  I though it was a more general question.

The Goodbye mamba theme has a completely separate template from the main theme specifically to create genre backgrounds. I created one for each genre…but i have no idea where it goes for it to show up?  Am i way off? Sorry 

You say you are using the GBBM linksheet theme. For folder backdrops, you need to create the jpegs, rename them to the exact name as the folder (directory) without any extension, and then place it in the root of the theme directory, the same way you do for your movie/TV linksheets.

For example, based on your folder structure, you would make a jpeg called “Action” (no extension and case does matter), and do as above. The theme does have a template for genres, but if you want to make ones that are more personalized to your style, you can also manually make backdrops with a graphics editor. They should be 1280 x 720 jpegs.

For more questions on this stuff you should probably move over to GBBM theme thread.


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The for the response…but it didnt work for me.  I think its because my theme files are on the actual HUB and my movie files are on a attached 2TB usb HD?  Does it make a difference?


Shouldn’t make a differrence. For linksheet the files have to be on the HUB, and the rest of the media can be anywhere. My movies are on a seperate computer on my network. Are you sure that thre is no extension and that the case is exactly like the folder name?


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Thx for your help…i figured it out.  Funny what it turned out to be.  I have Windows set to “not” show file extensions.  So my jpgs still had  file extentions even though it didnt look like it.  So i turned it on, took off the extenstions and all good.  Unreal funny how problems can be tied to your OS and not even the thing your are troubleshooting!

Congrats on getting it fixed. Always better to have it be something you overlooked than a real problem that you can’t figure out :wink: