Need Help on WD 640GB black!

Hi all I just got the RMA HDD from WD :smiley:, I got so excited to install my frest new OS (Window 7 Ult x64) om it and what a suprise the HDD running like a turtle :angry: yes no kidding really slow took it 3+ minutes to boot into window and then whenever I click or do something it’s will frezeeup for awhile around 1 minutes sometime more than 1 minutes for hdd to respond. So what should I do? I did run the test from  Data Lifeguard Diagnostic and it’s said the hdd is ok :dizzy_face: (I am using the laptop right now as typing this)

the HDD I got is WD6401AALS-00E3A0

My system

ECS miniATX mainboard

CPU: E8400 

MEMS; ddr2 4gb consair

Video Card; GTX 260

power supply: 450w OCZ

The system run really smooth until the main HDD died (WD6401AALS-00L3B2)

Sorry for my bad english.

Please help me 


Try to run the DLG extended test and if possible write zero’s to the drive.

thanks for the advice I did not run DLG test yet since I don’t have another hdd to boot up, bring the Hdd to friend house and did the “write zero” thing and still talking more than 1 hrs to install new OS and it’s not even running now