Need help of procedure (order) on what I want to do to transfer files from old NAS to WD My Cloud Expert Series 40TB EX4100

This regards WD My Cloud Expert Series 40TB EX4100 4-Bay NAS Server (4 x 10TB)cwhich I’ll be purchaseing. I have an old Netrgear NAS that does backups through a USB, must the same as the western digital. I simply want to find out if what I want to is OK or if there is a problem in my order of procedure (or my thinking). 1. I would like to backup my Netgear NAS to the western digital through the USB ports (USB port on the WD and USB port on the Readynas) . 2. Then i would like to unplug the USB connection and use the Western digital as my primary NAS (& disconnect the readynas & store it)…Is my thinking correct? Is there a better way to transfer from one NAS to another? My main concern is that I’m a freelance artist & can’t have any down time. Also on another note. Can you recommend an Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch that hopefully not corrupt data (I’ve run out of ethernet ports on my router). Thanks so much for your time…Frederick

@origininc Have you already looked at all the information that is provided here? Under Resources you’ll find the User Manual. You’ll want to look at Chapter Eight.

Thanks Cat,

It doesn’t answer the questions directly but it answers others.
FYI: I’m not using this WD NAS as a backup but using it for primary HD (my computer can’t store all the designs I work on).
Thanks again for the link.