Need help! MBL bricked after deleting some daemon.12.gz file

so i was trying to get rid of the disk full error which led to delete the daemon.log file. since that didnt do the trick i also deleted some other daemon file since i read that there will likely be other daemon log files that may be creating the issue. since then my MBL is COMPLETELY inaccessable. i did the hardware reset, turned power - on-off, tried pinging, SSH etc just cant connect to it. the light at the front turns solid green on booting but turns solid red after around 30 mins.

none of my data there is backed up. is there a way in which i can retrive the system? anything else that i can do? if replacement is the only option, how do i take a back-up of all the files i have in there (over 1TB)

You can attempt to debrick the drive through SSH

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