Need Help issue when retrieving files


I’m hoping someone here can help me. I have a My Book Essential 1 TB external drive that I cannot copy my files back correctly.

Here’s the issue, I can use the WD SmartWare to retrieve the files which appears to be sucessful.  I can see the files, I can see the size of the files seems be correct. When I open the file, it appears empty.

I’m using XP service pack 3, and using the WD SmartWAre version

I cannot attempt to place in the original files, I cannot change the option, which is fine because I can put them where I want them anyway. (I had to reformat the hard drive on my PC which is the reason for the retrieval)…

I guess from now on, I’ll manually transfer- but I have all of our family pictures to retrieve first. Can anyone help me?

What if you open the root of the MyBook on MyComputer and just copy out the smartware.swstor folder? It has all of the physical files inside and are accessible.

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or go to [\mybooklive\smartware](file://%5C%5Cmybooklive%5Csmartware) right?

Also, somebody mentioned that you need to name the PC the same as what is was before.  I can’t verify that.

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I did try that, it copies about 10 gig then stops giving me an error that one file name is too long.

Not sure if this is the only way to fix it, but I found a way, took a different approach that they files are all there, windows is causing them to be hidden. Here’s the link if anyone has the same problem.