Need help in making a choice

Hi everyone new to the forum sorry if i posted in wrong topic section

Well i hv a about one year old Compaq presario CQ 40-330 TU notebook with HDD 160 GB 5400 rpm. Now i am thinking to replace the internal HDD with something like 500 GB 7200 rpm drive. I asked few of my friend they all said that upgradation from 160 to 500 GB wont be a problem but from 5400 to 7200 rpm upgradation will result in more noise, more heat production and consumption of more battery. Eventually it may damage some other system component. I searched the guide book provided by compaq and could not locate a single line which says it supports 7200 rpm drive.

Frankly speaking i am a bit confused right now. please share your valuable advice…and ya which western HDD product you think will suite this laptop???

with regards


If it’s that old, your compaq probably won’t even support large size drives, either.  You need to check and see what the largest size drive your laptop BIOS can handle.