Need Help How to Increase Session Out timings

I am new using this WD cloud any one advise me how to increase the session time whenver I upload any folder after few min my session is out unable to upload big folders same things happens with other users unable to upload due to session out…Thanks

Upload “folders” from where? A computer? Is that computer accessing the My Cloud locally or remotely? Have you read the My Cloud User Manual ( to learn how to access the My Cloud either locally or remotely?

If accessing the My Cloud locally have you used Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to copy the folder from your computer to the My Cloud?

If accessing remotely one generally needs to use of the WD programs for Windows/Mac or for mobile devices. Or use the insecure FTP access option. See the User Manual for more information on remote access, or see the following link(s) that have more information on how to remote access the My Cloud.

You may want to watch this video.

For downloads use this link.

Thanks for all who replies me and help to resolve my issue.